Call for an Appointment: 403-289-8491

Call for an Appointment:  403-289-8491

We Offer Custom Orthotics in Calgary

Our Clinic in Calgary Offers Custom Orthotics for the Treatment of Flat Feet, Malalignment Syndrome and Other Foot Problems

Effective treatment of a foot problem sometimes requires the use of a biomechanical device, known as orthotics. A biomechanical foot orthotic is a highly specialized piece of medical equipment that enables the joints and bones of the foot to be in a more stable position for standing and while in motion. Orthotics control each phase of the walking cycle, from the moment your heel contacts the ground to when your toes push off the surface.

At North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic we:

    • Provide custom orthotics for Calgary patients; these devices are unique to your feet and specially designed to improve your foot, ankle, leg or back ailment
    • Ensure you are ONLY assessed by Dr. Crosby, a licensed podiatrist

    Why see Dr. Crosby for orthotics in Calgary?

    • As a licensed podiatrist, Dr. Crosby is trained in evaluating the mechanical problems of the feet.
    • As a licensed podiatrist, Dr. Crosby is recognized by insurance plans.
    • Dr. Crosby will cast your feet or take a 3-dimensional laser scan, have his assistant do the fitting when the orthotics are ready, and he will then provide follow-up care and prescribe any modifications necessary to your orthotics.
    • There are no hidden charges at the North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic. Some other clinics may charge for follow-up visits or modifications.

    Common conditions that our clinic treats with foot orthotics include:
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Bunions
    • Excessive foot pronation (flat feet)
    • Malalignment syndromes
    • Children's problems including in-toe, out-toe and flat feet
    • Neuromas (burning/numbness under ball of foot)
    • Foot pain and fatigue
    • Leg pain and fatigue
    • Knee pain
    • Back pain
    • Arthritis
    • Off-loading of lesions/painful areas

    As a medical specialist focused on foot care and treatment, Dr. Crosby is an expert in the proper development and use of foot orthotics.

    Podiatrists have the education and experience to provide complete orthotic care. They receive more than 1,000 hours of didactic and clinical experience in the science of biomechanics, and 224 hours of didactic and clinical experience in the science and fabrication of foot orthotics.

    They are licensed to diagnose foot disorders and provide follow-up care, which might include other forms of medical or surgical treatment. Only podiatrists and some specially trained physicians can provide such comprehensive care. Podiatrists have been making orthotics for foot conditions since 1933, and have been leaders in orthotic research and development. Get assessment from an expert: call us in Calgary for orthotics.

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