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Laser Wart Treatment

Treating Warts with Pulsed Dye Laser, Topical Chemical Treatments or Surgical Procedures

At North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, Dr. Crosby uses a Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) as a treatment option for plantar warts. The Pulsed Dye Laser works by blocking the blood flow to the wart and the wart generally falls off or is scraped away once it has loosened from the underlying skin. The treatment is quick, very effective and well-tolerated.

There is some discomfort during treatment but generally this resolves in 30-60 minutes following the procedure. Discomfort during treatment can be reduced with the Dynamic Cooling option of the PDL. PDL treatments of wart are less likely to scar and become infected compared to some other treatment options. Other treatment options for warts at North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic include topical chemical treatments or surgical removal. All options for treatment of warts can be discussed at your initial visit and the best option can be chosen to suit your lifestyle.

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