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Ankle and Sports Injury Treatments in Calgary

Are you an athlete looking for expert treatment for your foot or ankle injury in Calgary? North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic frequently works with athletes of all types, from professionals to weekend warriors. We offer various sports injury treatments in Calgary, including treatment for foot and ankle injuries. Sports activities can often lead to various foot disorders, all of which our staff can assess and treat. Injuries can happen to anyone while playing. Whether your sport is hockey, running, basketball, or football, our team will help get you back in the game with the appropriate diagnosis and care.

Call us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced podiatrist, Dr. Wayne M. Crosby. Let us help you get back to your favourite sports and activities pain-free!

Effective Prevention of Sports Injuries

Taking a few precautions always helps check either a sports injury itself or, at least, its impact. These include:

  • Training with exercises specific to the sport

  • Wearing the right gear for the particular sporting activity

  • Being thoroughly aware of the rules and techniques of the respective sport

  • Being mindful of one’s overall health condition before deep-diving into a game or activity

  • Getting enough rest, especially when one is tired or experiences pain already

Sports Injuries

An injury to the body can change our lives significantly. While some accidents are sudden, many injuries may be waiting to happen. For example, the wrong training and equipment, structural anomalies, weak muscles, ligaments and tendons, one’s own history of injuries, and harmful exercise practices such as overtraining, not taking a 24 - 48 hour break between workouts, and inadequate warm-up and stretching are common causes of sports injuries.


Underlying conditions, including plantar fasciitis, cavus foot, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, flat feet, hormones, or simply dehydration, also contribute to some people being more vulnerable to injury than otherwise healthy people.


At North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic in Calgary, we understand that you want to return to your normal fitness and skill level as soon as possible and return to your favourite sport. We help you through the difficult period of injury, beginning with a thorough clinical assessment.

Ankle Injuries

It is very common for ankle injuries to occur during sports activities. However, this is not the only thing that can cause them. Walking on an uneven surface, wearing high-heeled shoes, loose-fitting clogs or sandals can all force the ankle into an unnatural position which could lead to an ankle injury. Sprains and other ankle injuries occur when the ankle is twisted too far from its normal position.

Types of Ankle Injuries

There are a few different types of injuries that can occur when the ankle is twisted or rolled. Both ligaments and tendons are major parts of the ankle joint and can be hurt during an ankle injury. Ligaments are the strong, elastic bands of connective tissue that keep the bones of the ankle joint in place, while tendons are what attach the muscles to the bones in order for the muscles to do the work of moving the foot and ankle. Ankle injuries are different depending on whether there is damage to the ligaments or tendons:

  • Ankle sprain – This type of injury occurs when there is damage to the ligaments because they have been stretched beyond their normal range of motion. A sprain can be many microscopic tears in the fibres of the ligament or a complete tear or rupture.

  • Ankle strain – This type of injury occurs when there is damage to the muscles and tendons because they have been pulled or stretched too far.

Diagnosing and Treating Fractures Effectively 

Fractures to the ankle and foot bones are common injuries that result in a partial or complete break in the bone. They can often occur from being in a car accident or from the ankle rolling inward or outward. A severe break in the bone may require surgery to implant plates, rods, or screws that will keep the bones in the proper position during healing. The most common types of ankle fractures are which occur on the outside or inside of the ankle. Fractures to the long bones in the foot are a common injury of the foot. Of course, timely diagnosis of these injuries is highly crucial to prevent serious damage to your foot.


Diagnosing a fracture involves a physical examination and imaging tests such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans. If a fracture is detected, the treatment method will depend on the severity of the injury. Minor fractures can be treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) while surgery may be recommended in severe cases.


At North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, our experienced foot doctor, along with highly-trained staff, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle and foot fractures. We will work closely with you to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible, and to help prevent future injuries. If you have suffered a sports injury in your foot, visit us today to get effective treatments in Calgary. You can also visit our website to learn more about other orthotic treatments and services we offer!


Ways to Prevent Ankle Injuries

A sprained or injured ankle not only causes discomfort but also limits your mobility. Some ways to avoid ankle injuries include:

  • Proper warm-up prior to exercising

  • Wearing well-fit shoes

  • Exercising additional care while walking, especially on uneven surfaces

  • Practising balance exercises

In case you have any questions regarding foot injuries and orthotics, refer to our FAQs page. You can also give us a call to learn about our sports injury treatment services in Calgary.


Contact Us in Case of Ankle Injury Treatment

It is possible to mistake a fracture in the ankle for a sprain or strain, but these two injuries are very different and require different treatments. It is very important with any sports injury or ankle injury, that you get an early diagnosis so proper treatment can begin. If you have injured your ankle or sustained a sports injury, contact North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic for proper sports injury treatment or diagnosis in Calgary. If you have already booked an appointment, you can also download and fill out the client intake form to facilitate the registration process during your first visit.


Sports Can Hurt

Did you twist or fracture your ankle on the field?

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