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Choosing the Right Orthotics: Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

Tackling foot pain and correcting issues often comes in the form of orthotic inserts for your shoes. These help provide support and correct biomechanical issues that lead to pain.


When it comes to orthotics, there are paths you can go down – off-the-shelf or custom.


Which one is best for you? What does each type have to offer? Let’s take a closer look at what you get with off-the-shelf and custom inserts.


The Pros and Cons of Off-the-Shelf Inserts

Off-the-shelf (OTS) orthotic inserts are a good option for those who are looking for more affordable support and don’t necessarily have more serious foot pain issues.


Given their wide availability and standard production, OTS orthotics are much more affordable than custom ones. However, this comes with drawbacks; they’re not as effective at correcting issues. They’re made to standard sizes and shapes, which means that while they can provide relief for moderate discomfort or be used as a preventative measure, they are not ideal for people with more severe pain and foot issues.


OTS inserts don’t last as long as custom ones, either. They tend to have a life of 6-12 months, so you’re likely replacing them fairly often. OTS orthotics are also not covered by insurance and health plans at all, which means you could spend a lot more money on them over time.


OTS inserts are made from generic materials, such as silicon, gel, flexible thermoplastics, and EVA.


A Look at Custom Orthotics

If you are suffering from pain in your feet, it can be tempting to simply buy an off-the-shelf orthotics insert. However, while these easily available products can come with some benefits and can provide basic foot support, they are not made to provide solutions for more complex problems. Instead, you should try custom orthotics manufactured in Calgary to help free yourself from the pain.


Customized orthotics will, of course, cost more than a simple over-the-counter product because they require measurements and custom manufacturing. The trade-off is that you get more benefits out of it. It will also be much more durable and can often last for years. There is also an additional wrinkle to consider when it comes to cost; custom orthotics are often covered by insurance plans and health plans, which can actually make it easier on your wallet to go for the custom option.


Custom orthotics are customized to your specific needs, which means they can be much more effective at solving your biomechanical problems. They can provide much more targeted support and correction for a variety of conditions.


Custom orthotics are manufactured from a wide range of materials, including polyethylene, EVA, cork, and other thermoplastics.


Call North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic in Calgary

When you’re suffering from foot pain, there’s no need to let it interfere with living your life. You can call North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic for help. We offer custom orthotics in Calgary, creating the solutions to your woes. Custom orthotics provide you with the specific support and correction you need to get relief.


We put your feet first – give us a call today and book your appointment. We look forward to helping you.


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