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Five Tips to Keep in Mind After Your Foot Surgery

Foot Doctor

Foot surgery is a procedure performed to treat various foot conditions such as bunions and heel spurs. Your foot doctor will fix your ankle or foot ailment with surgery. It’s essential to protect yourself after surgery to ensure a healthy recovery. If not, there are chances that you can hurt yourself and worsen the condition. We have written this blog to clear your doubts on what to do after your foot surgery.

North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic has been providing different treatments and services for foot injuries. Our foot doctors are trained and certified to identify the source of pain and suggest the right treatment plan to our clients. Here are a few tips that can help in your recovery after a foot surgery :


1. Rest

The first thing you should do after a surgery is to take proper rest, providing your injury time to heal. Stay off your foot for a while and keep it elevated to decrease swelling, especially in the initial days after your foot surgery.

2.  Nutrition

Eat healthy for a faster recovery. A nutritious diet is often overlooked by many people. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to cut down excess calories easily as you will be physically limited in the days after your surgery. So, strive for healthier food options. Include lean proteins, leafy greens, healthy fats and food high in fibre to help fight off infection and stay lean.

3. Listen to your doctor

It’s crucial to listen to your foot doctor on how to take care of your injury. Ask for bathing, dressing guidelines and painkiller dosage before surgery. Make necessary arrangements such as getting a ride home, ensuring your pantry is full and notifying your employer.

4. Rehab and physical therapy

Try to stick to a rehab and physical therapy schedule if you want to recover quickly. Gradually work on your strength and stop if you ever feel pain. Ask for advice from your physical therapist or foot doctor to perform rehab exercises.

5. Keep an eye out for complications

Always pay close attention to any signs of complications. If you experience any complications, consult your doctor right away.

Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice carefully to avoid further damage.

Experienced Foot Doctor in Calgary

Our staff at North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic is committed to ensure comfort of patients based on their individual needs. We only provide surgery options in situations where non-surgical treatment plans do not work. We can advise you on everything you need to know about heel pain. Call us if you are looking for treatment for your foot problem.


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