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Foot Health and How Orthotics Can Help


Many people suffer from foot pain at some point in their lives. Our feet are crucial and it’s important that they always remain functional. Orthotics are great for relieving tension and stress in the legs, hips, feet and ankles. They help in maintaining a proper position for the feet while making sure that the range of motion and balance are enhanced. North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic can help you clear your doubts.

We have been providing different treatments and services for foot injuries. Our physicians are well-trained and certified to provide the right treatment plan for our clients.


If your feet are aching, we can help you and see if orthotics can help you.


What Are Orthotics?

There are custom-made heel inserts prescribed by foot doctors for providing support and cushioning. They can be part of a holistic treatment plan to address the discomfort of the legs and feet.


How Orthotics Help?


There are five ways custom orthotics help:

  • They ease foot pain

Custom orthotics are an effective first-line remedy for foot problems that usually require surgery or drugs. Some conditions that orthotics help to relieve are:

Ø  Flat feet

Ø  Plantar fasciitis

Ø  Hammertoes

Ø  Bunions

Ø  Tendonitis

Ø  Runner’s knee

Ø  Diabetic foot problems

Ø  Heel spurs and bone spurs


  • They heal injuries

Once you wear orthotics, the injuries that cause foot pain will start to heal. This aligns your feet and helps repair and relax the overstretched ligaments and tendons. If you have frequent shin splints or tendonitis, custom orthotics prevent recurrences and resolves them.


  • They ease back and hip pain

Sometimes, foot pain causes abnormal gait that leads to misalignment of your spine. Feet that function perfectly without pain will let the rest of your body function better.

In certain cases, foot pain will cause you to favour one foot which would throw your hips out of alignment. Orthotics will help you straighten your hips and develop better posture.


  • They solve leg asymmetry

A majority of people have one leg that’s slightly longer than the other. Most of the time, this won’t affect normal functioning at all, but if the difference is significant enough, your hips and back will be out of alignment.

A custom orthotic that’s designed for the shorter leg can instantly resolve the issue.


  • They enhance athletic performance

Injuries will probably be a part of your life if you run, play sports or engage in other forms of physical activity. Custom orthotics can reduce injuries, such as Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee and twisted ankles by keeping your feet properly aligned. If your feet are properly aligned, there will be reduced stress on supporting tissues and they will become strong along with being flexible.


  • Let Us Help

If you are looking for orthotic treatment in Calgary, you can always count on North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic. We are committed to ensuring the comfort of patients based on their individual needs. We also provide surgery options in situations where non-surgical treatment plans do not work. We can advise you on everything you need to know about heel pain.

Call us if you are looking for treatment for your foot problem.


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