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Injured Foot? 3 Possible Problems You May Be Experiencing

You don't remember how you did it, but it happened. Your foot is absolutely killing you, and has been for a couple days. In past cases you've been able to just walk it off, so to speak, but this injury doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

It's time to face facts—you may have seriously injured your ankle or your foot. Judging by your ankle injury symptoms, it's likely that you either developed tendonitis, or have suffered a sprain or fracture. Think about what symptoms you're suffering from, and then consult the list below to get a better idea of what might be wrong with your foot.


Tendonitis is a possibility if your tendon has been overworked for too long or worked in the wrong way for long periods of time, which causes it to develop tiny tears and damage. Some of the telltale ankle injury symptoms of tendonitis are inflammation, stiffness, and pain. Although tendonitis typically goes away after a few days, if the area is repeatedly irritated, it could worsen instead of heal.


If you're suffering from a sprain, you may feel such ankle injury symptoms as bruising or tenderness. The ankle may even feel wobbly or unstable. Though some sprains will go away with time, it's always wise to seek medical treatment for your ankle injury symptoms, because it may otherwise heal incorrectly, making it more likely for another sprain to occur.


A broken ankle is also known as a fractured ankle, although these injuries can range in severity. Fractures and sprains have similar ankle injury symptoms, two of the telltale signs of a fracture are an inability to put weight on the injured foot and a deformity or "out of place" part of the foot.

If you find yourself suffering from these ankle injury symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic to review what sorts of ankle injury treatment options may be available to help you or to find out what foot care products could remedy the situation.


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