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The Benefits of Laser Wart Treatment

Laser Wart Treatment

Did you know that plantar warts result from the human papillomavirus (HPV)? HPV is a germ that spreads through contact. If you touch someone else's wart, you can get one too. Have you had a cut or scrape on your foot? The virus enters your system this way as well and can develop into a plantar wart. You have a wart, now what do you do? If you do a simple search, you'll find different remedies that may or may not work, but there are some benefits to choosing laser treatment. Are you considering laser wart treatment for plantar wart removal? Stick around to learn the advantages of laser wart treatment.


What is Laser Wart Treatment?

Laser treatment involves using an intense narrow beam of light or laser to burn and destroy the wart tissue that has developed.

Your doctor can perform this procedure right in the office. Healing time can be around 4-5 weeks.


How Does Laser Wart Treatment Work?

The patient may receive local or general anesthesia depending on the number or size of the warts being treated or removed. The procedure usually takes place with the doctor using one of two types of lasers.


Pulsed Dye Lasers

This type of laser goes after the hemoglobin in the blood vessels of the wart. Hemoglobin is the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood. The heat of the laser beam surrounds the tissue which in turn seals the blood vessels. This keeps the wart from getting fed. Because the wart is cut off from nutrients, it dries out and eventually falls off.


Carbon Dioxide Laser

Instead of burning the tissue, this laser acts as a scalpel to cut the skin around the wart. It then sends out a highly concentrated beam that vaporizes the base of the wart and the affected tissue. When patients are treated with the carbon dioxide laser, they typically only require the procedure one time.


Benefits of Laser Wart Treatment

Doctors choose laser wart treatment when other removal methods do not work. It's very effective and you can plan on having only a little to no scarring following the procedure. When using a pulse dye laser, studies found it to be 79% effective. In another study, the carbon dioxide laser method showed almost no reoccurrence 12 months after the procedure. It's a good choice for large or widespread warts.


Make an Appointment

Now that you know the laser wart treatment benefits, are you going to schedule an appointment for the procedure? Until you can get in to see a doctor, wear comfortable shoes to limit pain.


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