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Top 5 Reasons to Get Custom Orthotics!

As you stand up and walk around over the course of the day, your feet work tirelessly to support the rest of your body. Unfortunately, feet are also prone to developing a number of issues that can impact your mobility.

North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic provides custom orthotics in Calgary that can support your foot health and improve your body's overall functionality. Here are the top five reasons why custom orthotics may be a good choice for you.

1. Foot pain relief

Custom orthotics provide cushioning and support, enhancing foot comfort and decreasing foot pain and fatigue. They are also designed to absorb shock when walking, which can help to reduce heel pain. Custom orthotics are often a great option for people who spend long periods of time on their feet, whether for work or athletic activities.

2. Treatment of foot disorders

Custom orthotics can help to relieve the symptoms and stop the progression of a variety of foot disorders. Two of the most common conditions that can be corrected by custom orthotics are overpronation and supination. Overpronation, sometimes known as flatfoot, is characterized by a collapsed arch and causes the ankles to roll inwards. Supination, conversely, is characterized by high arches and causes the ankles to roll outward.

3. Prevention of foot disorders

Over time, biomechanical issues of the foot such as overpronation and supination can lead to the development of a variety of additional foot disorders and conditions, including bunions, corns and calluses. Using custom orthotics to correct problems with foot structure and gait can prevent these and other issues from occurring or keep them from getting worse over time.

4. Improved body alignment

Problems with the feet can affect the alignment of the joints and muscles throughout the entire body. People with certain foot disorders may be more likely to sustain ankle injuries and tendonitis. Foot issues can also lead to knee, hip, back, and even neck pain. Custom orthotics help to more evenly distribute a person's weight, correcting movement patterns and reducing strain and pressure throughout the body.

5. Improved mobility

Foot problems can slow you down, putting additional stress on your body and mind and stopping you from taking part in certain activities. By reducing pain and discomfort in the feet and throughout the entire body, custom orthotics in Calgary can help improve and restore mobility. A well-aligned body is capable of moving more freely and comfortably while playing sports or just performing day-to-day tasks.

Find Relief with Custom Orthotics in Calgary

Getting relief for foot pain and mobility issues starts with being proactive and getting assessed by an experienced podiatrist for custom orthotics in Calgary. Dr. Crosby at North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic will evaluate your mechanical problems and let you know if orthotics are a good choice for you. Find out more about our custom orthotics by taking a look at our custom orthotics FAQ.

To schedule an appointment for custom orthotics in Calgary, don't hesitate to contact North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic today.


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