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Understanding Shockwave Therapy for Foot Pain and Sports Injuries

Did you know that Canada experiences roughly a quarter-million hospitalizations a year? With so many people sustaining injuries, it's important to know the many ways to treat pain. Shockwave therapy in Calgary is one of the best foot pain treatments available.

But what is shockwave therapy, and how does the process work? If you're working on a sports injury recovery, we're happy to help. Read on for a brief overview of the benefits of shockwave therapy.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

To begin, what is shockwave therapy? Some people find themselves intimidated by the name. Rest assured that it's a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment.

Shockwave therapy is a treatment that stimulates the body's organic healing. The primary use is to relieve pain and promote the healing of our soft tissues. Another name for shockwave therapy is EPAT, which stands for "extracorporeal pulse activation technology."

How Shockwave Therapy Works

Shockwave therapy is administered under the supervision of a medical professional. Most often, these are athletic trainers that are partnered with doctors.

The clinician holds a shockwave-producing device to your skin. The device will send shockwaves that stimulate the injured tissues. Through the stimulation, new tissue growth is encouraged.

If you're looking for shockwave therapy in Calgary, there are two main types. Here at the North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, we're happy to help with all sorts of shockwave therapy.

Focused therapy sends waves into a small area. Focused therapy is ideal for localized or minor injuries.

Radial shockwave therapy gives a broader influence of shockwaves. These may be along an injured tendon or torn muscle.

There are many benefits of shockwave therapy, such as how quick and easy the process is. Shockwave therapy takes about 15-30 minutes per session, depending on the injury.

Some feel discomfort depending on the injury being treated. However, few patients report any pain. The pain felt is typically due to the injury and not due to the process of shockwave therapy.

Conditions to Treat with Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy in Calgary is used for a variety of injuries. Most injuries that shockwave therapy is used for occur during sports games.

Foot pain treatments are, therefore, highly common. Torn or strained muscles in the legs and torso are also common injuries to treat with shockwave therapy.

Among the many types of sports injuries, muscle tears are the dominant issue to treat. Primarily, this is because shockwave therapy isn't useful for bone injuries. It also isn't useful for treating injuries to the skin, such as cuts or gashes.

Shockwave Therapy in Calgary

Shockwave therapy is exceptionally helpful in healing torn or injured muscles, most often as a result of a sports injury. If you're looking for shockwave therapy in Calgary, you'll enjoy a relatively painless and incredibly easy process of healing. Shockwave therapy is most common in aiding in a sports injury recovery to help get you back onto the field quicker.

For more information, contact us at the North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic. We're happy to help you on your journey to better health.


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