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Having frequent pain on the top of your foot is a matter of serious concern. Ignoring it for too long can restrict you from standing and walking. Consulting a foot doctor helps you identify the possible causes from arthritis to any underlying health conditions. In such cases, some recommended treatments are: physical therapy, surgery, stretching and medication. At North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic, we provide complete foot treatments and services in Calgary. We specialize in treating sports injuries, heel pain, diabetic foot assessment and more. Our advanced equipment and techniques will help you reduce your foot pain.

We also provide the following treatments:

  • Custom orthotics

  • Laser wart treatment

  • Shockwave therapy

  • Surgery

  • Compression stocking and more.


Being overweight usually causes foot problems as the entire body weight is shifted to the soles of your feet. If you experience discomfort while walking, the first thing you need to do is see a doctor. The causes may be several including:

  • Intense Physical Activities: You might discover sudden pain in your foot due to over-exercising, running, and jumping. Generally, working out on uneven ground and surfaces can result in extensor tendonitis (an inflammation of the tendons) which causes soreness on the top of your foot. You can undergo physiotherapy treatments to reduce your pain.

  • Tight Shoes: If you wear tight shoes,the chance of ingrown toenails development is high. Also, it puts you at risk of bunions, corns and hammer toe. These can even lead to surgery when conservative treatments fail.

  • Being Overweight: Obesity affects your feet, ankle and knees. You can also develop gout and swelling on the top of the foot. These side-effects can be

  • reduced by weight loss and thorough examination by health professionals.

  • Peripheral neuropathy: You start feelingnumbness and weakness when there is nerve damage in the feet. It also leads to sores and blisters and you might feel tingling sensations in your feet. The reason of peripheral neuropathy is a high level of fats and sugar which destroys small blood vessels and nerves. 

  • Stress Fractures: This is generally seenin sports-persons who are involved in repetitive physical activities. Even a small crack in a bone can cause serious pain; consult an orthopedic doctor to heal a stress fracture. 

  • Osteoarthritis: Also known aswear-and-tear arthritis, it breaks the cartilage tissues and causes pain in the joints of your foot. Mostly, the big toe is affected, and it turns stiffer.


Listening to your body is very important to reduce your foot problems. When you feel your pain is persistent, you should avoid feet movement, uphill running and over training. You can also take a break from any intense workout routine. You can try the following if the pain is too much:

  • Calf muscle stretches to reduce extensor tendonitis

  • Use ice or anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation

  • Loosen your shoe laces and stop wearing tight footwear

  • Try self-massage and rest to your feet

  • Practice strengthening exercises


You should see a foot doctor immediately, if you start having these problems:

  • Failure to perform your daily activities

  • Stubborn ingrown toenail

  • Corn or callus

  • Painful bunion

  • Persistent intolerable pain

  • Lack of sensation in your foot

  • Diabetic foot infections

  • Changes in the shape of your foot 

  • Stress fracture

  • Swelling and bruising on the top of your foot


Your pain can become severe if you leave these symptoms untreated. Self-care and experts consultation are equally important to keep your feet healthy. Drop by our foot clinic if you are dealing with any kind of injury or fracture. Rely on North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic for foot treatment as for 19 years, we have been serving our patients in Calgary. You can trust our orthotic and podiatrists professionals with diagnosing your foot disorders. Call us to book an appointment today!


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