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Exploring the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Foot Pain

Foot pain can cause serious issues for active Canadians. Healthy feet mean a better sense of balance, which reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. When your feet don't hurt, you also can stay active and strong to increase your cardiovascular and muscular health. Those experiencing foot pain can improve their situation with a shockwave therapy machine. Read on to learn the ins and outs of these pain relief options.


What Is a Shockwave Therapy Machine?


A shockwave therapy machine is a device that aids in shockwave therapy for pain resolution. The machine emits intense bursts of energy in waves. They travel faster than the speed of sound and apply pulsations through the skin. Before beginning shockwave therapy, a professional will apply a special gel to your skin on the affected area. When the Canada foot specialist turns the machine on, rapid pulsations begin and move through the gel. The applied energy stimulates the blood vessels and nerves inside the foot to spark the body's natural healing processes. Shockwave therapy only takes about 20 minutes. There are no lingering aftereffects that will force long recovery times. It's non-invasive and you'll be back on your feet shortly after these pain relief strategies conclude.


Why Try These Pain Relief Options?


Shockwave therapy can treat many different chronic health conditions like arthritis. While it will not eliminate the problem altogether, it can provide pain relief and stimulate short-term healing. If you suffer from a chronic condition, it's a worthwhile way to try decreasing pain. It also is often effective for treating injuries. Those who play sports or engage in other active activities may sprain and tear tissues. While shockwave therapy does not treat bone or skin issues, it can stop muscle tears from becoming worse in many cases. Regardless of your reasoning, shockwave therapy is non-invasive. This primary reason to choose it over surgery means that you will not need to suffer through long and painful recovery periods. There also is no chance that the procedure will go wrong and cause long-term damage. The non-invasive nature of the procedure also makes shockwave therapy more affordable. It is only about $300-$500, which makes it an economical way to stimulate healing and reduce pain.


How Can Shockwave Therapy Reduce Foot Pain in Calgary?


Shockwave therapy is not only a way to reduce the symptoms of injuries. It actively stimulates healing processes by encouraging the production of collagen. It also increases circulation, and more blood flow to affected areas gives the feet the means that they need to heal. These treatment methods are especially important in a world where many Canadians work from home. Those who work remotely do not wear shoes and orthotics as frequently, and shockwave therapy can reduce the strain on your muscles. It's a great way to stay healthy in the long term and let your body heal naturally.


Start Coping With Foot Pain in Canada the Right Way


Now that you know how a shockwave therapy machine can help you treat foot pain, it's time to implement the top pain relief strategies available. Working closely with a foot specialist can help you confront the root causes of foot pain with professional methods and knowledge. Reach out to North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic to learn more about quality foot pain relief in Calgary.


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