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The Use of Orthotics to Treat Foot Conditions


Orthotics, also known as prescription foot orthoses, are custom-designed foot inserts meant for treating ailments related to your foot, ankle, leg and back. Orthotics enables your joints and bones to acquire a stable position, both while for standing and in motion. North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic provides reliable orthotics treatment for common foot conditions in Calgary. We have been serving clients for foot pain and foot disorders since 2000.

Custom orthotics are designed using a three-dimensional laser scan for accurate measurement of your foot. They help relieve symptoms related to common injuries and foot conditions


Eight Foot Conditions Orthotics Can Treat


1.     Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the ligament connecting your toes and heel) is a common cause of heel pain, and it is caused due to faulty structure of the foot. It’s common among people who have problems with their arches. Doctors sometimes recommend orthotics to support the heel and foot in such cases. Orthotics helps heal the damage caused to the chronic soft tissue and reduces stretching of the arches.


2.     Bunions

Bunions are bumps on the side of the big toe. Bump changes the bone alignment with the big toe leaning towards the second toe, producing the bunion's bump. Custom orthotics help take the pressure off the bunion. They also correct the alignment issues by realigning the foot structure and distributing the weight throughout the foot.


3.     Excessive Foot Pronation (Flat Feet)

Flatfoot is often partial or total loss of the arch. To help minimize discomfort caused due to flat feet, simple devices such as orthotics can reduce discomfort. Right orthotics provides heel support for walking, exercising and performing other daily chores.


4.     Neuromas

Morton's neuroma is a scar-like thickening of nerve that usually occurs behind the third and fourth toe. This happens due to pressure on the foot. It is common among women who wear high heels. Customized orthotics provides a built-in metatarsal pad which provides some relief from pain and tingling caused due to neuromas.


5.     Back Pain

Back pain has many reasons, including genetics and the body posture. With orthotics, back pain can be reduced as feet positioning and gait is improved.


6.     Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of your joints and it causes severe pain while performing any activity. Customized orthotics can help lessen the pain and also correct structural issues, including redistributing weight, providing proper cushioning and reducing excess stress on your joints.


7.     Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage. It might hamper smooth flow of blood into the feet. With a decreased immune system and healing, people with diabetes are at higher risk for many foot disorders. Orthotics can help with the proper pressure distribution that reduces friction and also prevents foot injury.


8.     Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia refers to pain in the forefoot (ball of your foot). This is generally caused by activities that involve running, jumping or wearing misfit shoes. To prevent metatarsalgia, it's recommended to wear proper orthotics with metatarsal pads.


Apart from treating foot disorders, custom orthotics can be useful in many other ways as mentioned in our blog. North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic provides both surgical and non-surgical treatments such as ingrown toenail, laser wart and shockwave treatments. Contact us today for your customized orthotics in Calgary.



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