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How Custom Orthotics Can Help to Relieve Heel Pain?

For conditions affecting the feet and lower extremities, your options include custom orthotics and arch supports. So, which option do experts recommend? It depends on the particular foot or ankle dysfunction being targeted. Custom orthotics are like prescription lenses for those with nearsightedness or farsightedness. They are customized to correct poor foot biomechanics (e.g., flat feet or super-high arches).  Meanwhile, arch supports can be bought off the shelf. These can help with shin splints, mild plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. Does that mean these are the best for heel pain? Here's what you need to know.


Understanding Heel Pain


Heel pain is most commonly attributed to plantar fasciitis. Now, if arch supports can help with plantar fasciitis, why do you still need to consider custom orthotics? If a podiatrist confirms that you have plantar fasciitis, they will likely suggest investing in orthotics. These can help relieve persistent heel pain. While off-the-shelf arch supports are an option, these may not be the best as a long-term treatment. Also, remember that plantar fasciitis isn't the only thing that could be causing heel pain. A host of foot problems, such as shortened Achilles tendons, may require a personalized solution, aka custom orthotics.


Getting Rid of Heel Pain With Custom Orthotics


Considering the different types of orthotics, you may be worried you'll have to pay a lot for a specific device or, worse, wear it for a lifetime. The good news is North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic offers a patient financing program to help with foot care expenses. As for the not-so-good news, you may need to wear orthotics for as long as your podiatrist recommends them. Still, if you think about how custom orthotics offer personalized support and cushioning for your feet, lessening symptoms like heel pain, restoring mobility, and so on, the costs are more than worth it. Note that because custom orthotics are made to fit an individual's foot to ensure even weight distribution, they don't just help manage pain but also prevent injuries. For many who suffer debilitating heel pain, such devices are a godsend and are worth every penny.


Emphasizing the Custom in Custom Orthotics


Some people think custom orthotics are too expensive when cheaper, readily available alternatives are on the market. What they don't realize is that ill-fitting orthotics can do more harm than good. Instead of relieving heel pain, for example, generic orthotics can add more joint stress, leading to joint pain and muscle weakness. Non-custom orthotics can also cause blisters and calluses. For heel pain sufferers, custom orthotics aren't just accessories. They are medical devices or treatments prescribed by podiatrists. Wearing drugstore insoles is no different from self-medication, so it's best to get professionally recommended, custom-fitted ones to minimize the risk of any adverse effects.


Don't Delay Treatment for Heel Pain


Mild or not, it's best to consult a podiatrist if you're worried about heel pain. A podiatrist can confirm if you have plantar fasciitis and prescribe custom orthotics if needed. If you're looking for foot care specialists in Calgary, North Hill Foot & Ankle Clinic is here for you. Let us help answer any questions you may have about orthotics treatment in Calgary. For more information, feel free to browse around our site.


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